Gotta Go Fast


Hello there my darlings. It's been a hot minute but to beoh jeez dinner's ready. Back in a moment I guess.

OK I'm back! Sorry, couldn't be late for my bangers and mash and then there was a weird old episode of Battlestar Galactica on the horror channel. You know how it is. Anyhow, I've been super unmotivated for the past few days. Today has been the first day in a while I've been able to actually work on stuff. I did such a good job on revision today! I can do maths wouldn't you know. So uh, what happened since I last blogged. Uhh, lemme check when exactly that was.

Ok so last time I wrote was almost a week ago. I didn't do much between then and now, since I pretty much lost motivation for revision, but I did visit my grandparents for Easter. I'm not religious and every time I visit them gets a little more awkward because they read the Daily Mail if ya know what I'm sayin'. Also I almost died because some fucker at the pub decided to put real dairy whipped cream on my vegan ice cream sundae. Goddamnit man I know it's a bank holiday and you're understaffed but do you not understand what vegan means??? That was pretty awful. Luckily I tasted the difference before too much damage could be done. I did find a nice new haberdashery and got myself a trousers/shorts pattern. Hopefully I'll be able to run up a nice pair of shorts before summer hits. I need to do a bit of an inventory of what fabric I have - there might be enough random denim hanging around that I can patch something together.

I watched the Sonic movie (the first one) today, because I've heard good things and also so I can talk to my little cousin about it because he's obsessed. And it was... really, really good. Sure it was a little cringey and didn't have much in the plot department, but it's a kids' film, what do you expect. And to be honest, as an adult, it held up really well! The dialogue in particular was really funny, especially Robotnik's lines. It was so snappy! It makes him into an immediate dickhead with no empathy necessary - perfect for a kids' villain. At the same time, he clearly has motivations and good depth of character. I was worried Sonic would be annoying but he's also characterised well. I mean, the message gets across that he's supposed to be annoying, without actually annoying you. And that's a tough line to walk! This is probably a little controversial, but Sonic the Hedgehog is what Marvel is trying so desperately to be. It wants the snappy dialogue, the instantly likeable characters, the comedy, the action, the believable emotion without too much hurt for the kiddos. Marvel is failing horribly, while Sonic has earned itself the title of best video game movie of all time. I think it benefits from not trying to explain away video game mechanics, unless it's for a gag. Some mechanics add to the worldbuilding but you wouldn't have to know the Sonic games to appreciate this movie.

So yeah. I want to see the second one now. I think I'll actually wait until it's out on streaming services. How long is that now? Wait never mind it's only going to be on Paramount +. Sod that. Raise the sails, landlubbers.

Not much else going on here, except that I'm going to try and put some of my writing on this website, and also that I'm playing Psychonauts and it's fun. Oh, and I spent £25 ordering a physical copy of Maggot by Dazey and the Scouts from the USA. Totally worth it. If and when they actually dispatch it.

See you around,

- Blue