Hello darlings!

So, as promised, here's your little update of my Exciting Couple Of Days. First of all, pride! Pride was incredible. It started with a march through the city. My girlfriend lent me a lesbian flag and we marched together. I even got to hold the massive rainbow flag for a while. Unfortunately there were cops around and the whole event was sponsored by Dyson, which is run by the notorious brexiteer and tory Mr Dyson himself. So in order to combat that I picked up a couple of anti-capitalist badges from local groups, and also grabbed a Labour sticker. In fact, me and my friends went on a whole mission to find free stuff when we got to the festival. I got a bunch of stickers, a bracelet and print (shoutout to @puffy.pink.cloud on instagram!), a bag, sweets, keychains, ticket holders from GWR and National Rail, the whole kit and kaboodle! It almost makes up for the incredibly overpriced food and drinks. I also grabbed a lesbian flag of my own from a local queer shop.

I got to see Sum Ting Wong and Priyanka on the cabaret stage, as well as a whole host of amazing bands. Katrina (just her, not the Waves), the amazing ABBA tribute band ABBA Inferno, HYYTS (an awesome electropop band from Glasgow, amazing stage energy), Cosmic Ninja (bangin local rock band) and Carly Rae Jepsen was headlining! 10/10 fun times.

Hang on, I'm not quite done but my mum wants to go to M&S and I need some new shorts. BRB.

OK I'm back now. Where was I. Ah yes, so after almost dying of heatstroke and walking for an hour to get the train and waiting for an hour for the bus home, I fell asleep and then had a day of R&R before Round 2: Work! So I was too tired to be stressed on Sunday, but this morning I had a total panic attack just before going in. But I was able to push past it again, and actually had a really nice day meeting my new coworkers and getting to know a couple of the kids. There are only 7 of them this week so it was nice easy work, and I should be making some good money as well. So yeah, something something step outside of your comfort zone, or in my case take a running leap.

That's about all I have to say today as it's far too hot to think right now, so I'm going to go play Sonic Adventure 2 and chill out for a while.

- Blue