Hello World


Well hello there everyone. Yesterday I was exhausted (no sleep), ill (exposed myself to cats which I am allergic to for 12 hours) and probably hungover (very good night out). So, I did the logical thing, which was making a website apparently. This is here now, and I really don't want to let all my hard work go to waste, so I may as well use it!

Today is a pretty chill day. I don't have any plans other than gaming with The Lads later, so I've spent the morning watching YouTube and playing Psychonauts. When I picked up the game, I wasn't quite sure why people liked it. I knew it was popular, but it couldn't possibly be the art style right? It's quirky and charming but not groundbreaking. It wasn't the platforming, which handles great and feels lovely but isn't anything new either. No, what completely blindsided me is the goddamn plot. *slaps roof of strangely shaped boy* this bad boy can fit so much trauma in him. In all seriousness though I am really really enjoying this so far, I love a good plot-driven game and the great gameplay does not hurt at all. Plus the comedy is top-tier. Similar to Portal 2 in that respect I suppose.

I've just realised that I got distracted mid-making my bed to write this. It's just sat there all naked... my stuffed toys on the floor... They can wait.

Anyway, what else... Oh yeah. I've been looking for a job for the summer and haven't heard anything back from anywhere I've applied to. At least, I thought I hadn't. Turns out the local crystal shop called me back 2 WEEKS AGO and my phone didn't tell me! It only popped up with the voicemail notification this morning. Which is really weird because I've listened to my voicemails between then and now! It just didn't show up! It's almost certain I'll be out of luck, but I'm going to call them back tomorrow (Monday) anyway just in case. At least I'll be on their radar in case they need any summer temp staff.

I'm looking to get a new phone soon. My current Moto G7+ has served me well but its battery is dying, and it'll cost me about as much to buy a new one as it will to get my battery replaced. It's a stupid design - you have to rip the screen off to even access the battery. I can't decide what new phone I want though. I could get something for about £200 which will work just fine for me. All I want is something fairly durable with minimal bloatware and a bit more storage than my current phone. Maybe 5G if I'm lucky. However, my Dutch friend Tamar just let me know about this company called Freephone. All their phones are ethically made, come with a 5 year warranty and are fully repairable by hand at home! Plus the one I'd get (Fairphone 4) is far better in every way than all the other ones I'm considering. However, it is £500. I do have the money - my child trust fund came through a few months back and let's just say I won't have to worry about money for a while - but I'm not sure it's worth the investment. Luckily I have some time to think about it. This isn't a pressing situation.

Alright, I think I've blabbered enough to start off with at least. I'm not planning on regularly blogging here, just every time I have something to talk about. So see you next time inspiration strikes :)

- Blue